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Nordic has had the ability to work with many county councils, city councils and other companies. Below are some testimonials from clients about the work we do.

‘Without doubt Nordic has a product which achieves the results which we require . We had some work carried out before the Christmas Market in an exceptionally busy area. Over two months later, We are still gum free.’

Clean and Protect outside Bath Station

Jon Raby, Ranger Services Manager
Bath BID

‘Nordic completed two trial areas in Ashington, Northumberland. The cleaning was extremely effective, removing stains, including oil, grease, milk fats and general dirt and grime. All gum was removed leaving the surface ready to be protected. Nordic Pro-Guard Plus protective coating was then applied. A follow up site visit showed the area to be maintaining the cleanliness levels and that no chewing gum was evident on the coated areas. As a result, Northumberland County Council engaged Nordic to clean and protect the York stone paving on Queen Street. Upon completion the street was noted to be clean and vibrant by the people of the town and Northumberland County Council are completely satisfied with the results. Northumberland are looking to use the system across future projects within town centres.’

Clean and Protect on Queen Street

Kris Westerby, Highways Delivery Manager
Northumberland County Council

‘We could never have achieved the results that Nordic’s specialist services have and our subsequent maintenance operations have become more efficient, generating better results and cost savings.’

Clean and Protect 10,000m² in Durham City

Jimmy Bennett, Clean and Green Manager
Durham County Council

‘We are able to clean the 13,000m² area far more easily and quickly than other areas of a similar size in the City. It also self cleans when raining. Gum issues are much reduced and any that do appear are easily dealt with. Further projects are planned for Birmingham City Centre and we will be using this same product across all new projects.’

Protect only on Centenary Square

Wayne Chivers, Service Manager
Birmingham City Council

‘I have personally worked with Nordic for over ten years. The Company  has been prepared to share their knowledge and expert advice to help develop  the Street Scene Group into a skilled group of volunteers able to work in partnership with  City Council staff, residents and traders in the continuing battle to reduce graffiti tagging. Their range of products have been effective and easy for us to use.  Their professional graffiti removal teams have  done excellent work when local volunteers or City Council teams have been unable to carry out particular graffiti removal work.’

Liz Kew
Bristol Street Scene

‘Nordic has been working with Durham revitalising problem public realm areas and subways, the results have been quite amazing.’

Mark Readman, Highway Services Manager
Durham County Council

 ‘Delighted to confirm that we won at the Britain in Bloom finals in Belfast at the weekend! We are now officially the blooming best City in the UK and been invited to join in the Champion of Champions.

Thank you and your team for everything you did. Your dedication was noted, not just by us but one of the judges even remarked that on the evening before their official judging they walked around the market place and was amazed to see part of it being cleaned by hand using a toothbrush! That is dedication for you!’

Oliver Sherratt, Head of Services
Durham County Council

‘Managing the cleansing service within Leeds City Centre we face the challenge of trying to keep the pavements and walkways clean from grime and gum. As anyone who works in the industry knows this is a seemingly never ending challenge and is a very time consuming and labour intensive operation. We are constantly looking for ways of speeding the cleaning process up to ensure maximum coverage with limited resources. We had seen the work that had been done in Durham using the Nordic products and asked to arrange a demo of the product in Leeds. We were really impressed with the results and how the products did exactly what they said they would do in that the process to wash down and clean was much quicker in the treated areas as opposed to non-treated areas. The company also helped us to find some graffiti removal solutions in some key areas where we had struggled to find products that did the job previously’

Michael Johnson, Service Manager
Leeds City Council

‘The training course delivered by Nordic was a good investment of staff time and resources. The trainer was very knowledgeable and engaging, tailoring the presentation of the course to suit our specific needs. It was very useful to put the theory into practice on the same day and undertake the practical assessment on existing sites we maintain. Drawing on both the theory and guidance from Nordic operatives, we developed ‘best practice’ to tackle graffiti and flyposter removal within our maintenance team in an efficient manner.’

Graffiti Removal Training

Nigel Muntz, Commercial Director
Out of Hand

‘We at Bristol Waste Company have been working with Peter and the team at Nordic for 1 year now. We had a number of challenges to work through in partnership with Bristol City Council on the graffiti and tagging situation in Bristol. Through the new partnership with Nordic we have been working on a guideline strategy that can be used to control and potentially enforce graffiti and tagging within the City, we have also worked together on training the crews in using the Nordic graffiti removal and anti graffiti products. So far it has been a pleasure working with a professional, can do company and the business partnership is growing well.’

Jason Eldridge, Operational Director
Bristol Waste Company

‘We used Nordic products to enhance and compliment our deep cleaning regime on a busy stretch of high street and this helped significantly in the cleaning and removal of chewing gum. The service was excellent and the  product innovative’

David Sabet, Contracts Manager
Manchester City Council

‘Nordic were with us for a few hours on a very cold December morning.  The patch test was amazing and we couldn’t believe the little time it took to get the York Stone looking stunning.  Since then we have a few events using Jubilee Square including our very popular New Year’s Eve party in the Town and still the Patch Test looks as good as when it was done.’

Lesley Dixon-Chatfield, Towns Clerk Assistant
Bideford Town Council