Nordic Products & Services

Nordic Products and Services offer a specialist stone cleaning and protective systems. The unique three-stage deep cleaning, stain removal and protective coating offers a lifespan of up to ten years. Offering comprehensive protection against everyday dirt, oil, grease and even chewing gum, Nordic’s three-stage stone cleaning process has been developed to improve aesthetics and reduce the costs associated with public realm cleaning services.

How our  Stone Cleaning and protect system works


Stage 1

  • Firstly, a hot water wash using Nordic cleaning products to remove every day dirt, grime and grease from the surface.
  • Secondly, an assessment of the substrate to determine stages 2 and 3 of the process.

Stage 2

  • Where required, a further treatment of Nordic Restorative Stone Cleaner (RSC) will be applied. This will draw out stubborn stains such as ingrained oils and fats.

Stage 3

  • The application of Nordic’s exclusive, non-toxic, water based Pro-Guard Plus (PGP) protective coating in a single saturated treatment.

Why you should chose Clean and Protect

Nordic clean and protect rejuvenates porous surfaces including stone, concrete and brick, protecting them against dirt, oil, food and drinks stains and chewing gum. This service reduces cleaning maintenance requirements, saving time and money. Nordics clean and protect system is environmentally and user friendly. Nordic AGC protects walls and surfaces from graffiti, reducing the time and money spent on cleaning. Our services come with a 2 year warranty. Nordic has worked alongside Birmingham, Durham and Glasgow City councils to clean and protect. Our testimonials.