Nordic Products & Services

Specialist Cleaning

For more than 20 years Nordic has developed and used our own range of cleaning products. Our highly skilled teams carry our specialist cleaning work such as service level agreements, spillage cleans and one off hot spot cleans. Keeping the UK road network clean and well maintained requires a very special set of skills and resources. Nordic Products and Services are a fully accredited provider of services and work extensively throughout the UK’s road network. From country lanes to motorways and everything in between, our workforce can handle just about any challenge.

Nordic has also completed works using dry ice to remove harsh chemicals and spills from roadsides.

Please contact us if you have any queries.

Bridge Refurbishment​ Work

Our team of professionally trained operatives offer a range of skills needed in refurbishing bridges. Our stringent training and staff development ensures we manage all key aspects of bridge projects. Height access issues, traffic management and health and safety are areas managed by our operatives.​

Bus Shelter Refurbishment​ Work

Nordic provides essential care and maintenance of public transport assets. Nordic has an excellent track record for making sure bus journeys are a clean and pleasant experience for passengers. 

Street Furniture

Nordic are able to clean and protect most forms of street furniture. Its important to keep your local environmental quality to the highest standard. Street benches, steps and bins can all be cleaned and protected from damage, graffiti and wear. To see more on our street cleaning process please see clean and protect.

Subway Specialist Cleaning

Graffiti, dirt and poorly maintained walkways and walls can make subways an intimidating and unpleasant place for pedestrians. Nordic works extensively to return subways to being the safe and clean infrastructural assets.​​​​

Height Work

At Nordic we offer height work as part of our specialist work to assist in the removal of high level graffiti. Our professional team is fully qualified in working at height using mechanical lifting equipment, cherry pickers and scissor lifts.
Having completed the IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) training programme, we are now fully trained in the following four areas:

  • Lifting gear
  • Mobile vertical
  • Mobile boom
  • Static boom

This qualification enables us to undertake high level removal jobs, with work for Vodafone in Broadmead (Bristol) among our contracts.
We aim to work around any needs you may have to provide minimum disruption to both your business and the public. We also comply with the Work at Height Regulations. Nordic carries out any work on red routes or busy areas by working through the night.

Canal Work​

Within our waterways expertise, we specialise in working on canals. Nordic are able to undertake canal- side cleaning and specialist work for housing areas. Our stringent training and staff development ensures we manage all key aspects of bridge projects – such as height access issues, traffic management and health and safety in terms of our own people and those affected by our work.​

Utility Boxes​

For over a decade, Nordic has worked with technology firm Virgin Media, providing cleaning services for cabinets. The work involves us having to hand-clean, prime, apply a coat of paint and then apply an anti-graffiti coating over the top to each cabinet. This carries a five-year guarantee and prevents graffiti and fly posting adhering to the surface. Graffiti is easily removed via warm, soapy, water. In 2010, we worked with many local authorities including: Preston City Council, St Helens, and Cheshire West, cleaning and coating over 1,500 cabinets.

New Build Clean

When the construction phase of a new build property comes to an end, there is often little time between completion and sale to get it ready for its new owner or occupier.
At Nordic Products & Services, we understand the unique pressures that surround new build projects. We offer cleaning services to prepare the home for sale.
This ensures new homes are spotless – ready for new homeowners to move in. We also undertake graffiti and paint removal on vandalised houses.

Internal Clean

Nordic operatives are trained and equipped with effective tools. Nordic can clean and seal interiors of buildings as well as exteriors. Stairways, halls and landings are all areas Nordic can tackle.
For example, we recently cleaned and then sealed the floors and stairs in four very large blocks of flats for the Corporation of the City of London. We have also worked alongside Southampton City Council and are enlisted by the housing division of wardens for internal cleaning jobs.