Protective Coatings Services

At Nordic, we offer a range of solutions to protect substrates from dirt, grime, graffiti attacks, UV degradation, airborne pollution and many other issues affecting towns and cities.

Clean and Protect

Nordic Pro-Guard Plus is an amazing product that allows easy, cost effective cleaning of stone and granite pedestrian areas. The removal of surface grime is easy as it stops the deep penetration of stains. More importantly, it reduces the adhesion of chewing gum, meaning it can be removed with little effort in most cases, and certainly far more quickly than traditional methods. Click here for more details

Nordic offers Pro-Guard Plus only as an applied service, not as product.

Nordic AGC

Our AGC is used for areas that are prone to repeated attacks by taggers, the cost and time taken to remove every attack is costly. Additionally, the risk of damage to the substrate by constant cleaning is increased.  Nordic AGC is a product that can make the removal of graffiti a painless one, usually only requiring soapy water and cloths/sponges.  We recommend the application of this product in areas of high risk, repeat attack sites and places where a fast and easy method of removal would benefit the client and easy attack.

Nordic Pro-Guard Plus AGC

This newly developed anti-graffiti coating is exceptional at stopping the penetration of graffiti paints into softer stone.  However, conventional methods must to still be used to remove the graffiti. BUT, the surface removal is easier, without the need for harsher chemicals to remove shadowing.

Other Coatings…

Additionally, Nordic offer a range of specialist coatings such including: Anti-Slip, Anti-Skid, Anti-Moss and Algae. Please contact us for more details.