Nordic Products & Services

Why Choose Our Graffiti Removal Services?

Nordic have over 25 years in the Graffiti removal sector, providing a fast and effective graffiti removal service. Using bespoke Nordic products, our trained operatives clean and protect any surface, returning it back to its original state. Nordic not only provides graffiti removal services but also provides a street cleaning service. Our clean and protect system rejuvenates old stone and pathways, leaving a clean and attractive marketplace or city center.

Nordic operates throughout the UK working with Birmingham City Council, Bristol City Council, Durham County Council and many others. We work on a range of different jobs and sites, no task is too big or too small for Nordic. To see our previous work please see our testimonials.

Our Operatives

Nordic operatives are trained in graffiti removal and street cleaning, therefore, they are knowledgeable and experienced on how to remove graffiti from any surface. Our operatives are professional, leaving the site immaculate and graffiti free. Using our specialist products they can transform any area into the original state.

What We Offer

Our trained professionals will come to your area, assessing the graffiti or flooring you wish to clean. We can provide a quote based on job size and the amount of graffiti.

To get a quote for your area please contact us.

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