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Graffiti removal Before
Before Graffiti Removal
Graffiti removal After
After Graffiti Removal

Expert, Specialist, Public Realm Cleaning Service

Nordic Products and Services provide the products, equipment, training and contract services. Our products, and services, have been specifically developed for safe and environmentally friendly removal of graffiti.

Nordic has a highly effective range of products, designed to clean and protect without the need for large scale works.

Nordic Products and Services provide a leading public realm cleaning solution. Surrounding a range of commercial and heavy industry applications, our teams are experts in graffiti removal and stone cleaning. Whether you require removal of graffiti from a commercial site, or require large scale town centre floor cleaning, we have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to help you maintain a clean and inviting space.

Graffiti Removal Services

Nordic offers a range of graffiti removal services. Furthermore, our Pro and Graff-Off ranges allow for a quick and effortless removal of graffiti. Nordic’s trained specialist teams use hot water pressure washers to quickly remove graffiti. Walls and surfaces are rapidly rejuvenated after Nordic’s teams clean and protect them. Nordic has worked with Bristol City Council to remove graffiti from the Bear Pit. Nordic has also worked alongside Birmingham City Council to remove graffiti for the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

Nordic Products and Services Graffiti Removal (Birmingham 2021)

Graffiti Removal (Before)
Graffiti on Wall in Birmingham
Wall after graffiti removal.
Graffiti removal Before
Large building with graffiti tags
Graffiti removal After
Large building after Nordic clean

Clean and Protect Services

Nordic Clean and protect regenerates old, tired stone to rejuvenate city centres, marketplaces and walkways. Nordic RSC is an advanced stone cleaner that removes oils, dirt and fats from surfaces, in addition, leaving them brand new. Nordic’s trained teams can quickly and effectively bring city centers and marketplaces back to life. Nordic has worked with Durham county council, cleaning the market place. Nordic has also worked with Birmingham City Council, cleaning Centenary Square.

Stone Cleaning (before)
Untreated stone surface
Stone Cleaning (after)
Stone surface after Nordic RSC